Delicate Forests – Found poem

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“The claustrophobic void of a person is easily lost in the trees,
swaddled in eternal-feelings,
it is not comfortable,
you can become disoriented,
fallen trees may be boundaries between life and death,
if you stop for too long you will be absorbed by the ancient riot of growth,
it can be suffocating,
the need can become overpowering,
from a satellite’s-eye view delicate forests are stopped in their tracks,
the results can be astonishing”

I really enjoyed the process of making blackout poetry. I feel I gained a deeper understanding of the pages that Used as well as some of the concepts in the book and I created something new. For my poem I used pages 8 & 9 from The Golden Spruce. I decided to use these pages because it had a lot of specific words that stood out to me immediately.┬áSome of the ideas that started to show up as I wrote my poem were about the power of the forest and the interaction between a person and the forest. The poem starts out talking about the way a person might feel in the woods which reflects the power that people thought the forest had and the fear of the unknown. As my poem came together references to logging started to show up. My poem was about the power of the forest but at the end it refers to the forest as “delicate”. The forests can be thought about as delicate because they are being destroyed quickly.


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One of the reasons I chose this image to accompany my poem was because it can be black-out-poem-pictureseen in different ways. I noticed that when you first look at it it seems like another boring picture of a forest but it become more interesting when you look closer. I think that you can see the image two ways. One way the forest seems powerful, vast and easy to get lost in. Another way you look at the image the trees seem small, the forest seems delicate from a “satellite’s-eye view”. The image overall portrays some of the different ideas from my poem.

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